Style Services
In our busy lives we often invest time in many things except ourselves, but everyone should look and feel their best each day.
A colour and style consultation covers the aspects of colours and clothing styles which complement you and enables you to create a wardrobe which mirrors your personality and is within your budget whilst at the same time making you feel special. It is about finding your own unique style!
As well as your colouring, bodyline, scale and proportion, your personality and natural abilities are key factors to the consultation. The life you lead will determine the choice of garments. Learn how versatile garments can be so practical since they can be worn both for business as well as for social events and can help a tight budget go further.
You will learn the importance of fabrics and how accessories can turn day garments into evening wear. Your clothes and accessories should be an extension of you and a better understanding of how to dress for your personality and lifestyle will enable you to be more focused and realistic before purchasing further garments.
What you wear determines not only how you look, but how you feel and how you feel each day is very important. So investing in what suits you, both the clothes and the knowledge is a worthwhile investment.

If you are not sure where to start, a colour analysis is the simplest way to improve your look. Wearing colours which enhance your complexion will instantly make you look younger and give you confidence.