It all started as a childhood passion for fashion and design.
During my many years in international business that passion has taught me how to dress for every occasion with impact and flair, whether corporate or social. I realized that I understood what suited me and my personality and I was able to accessorize and update an outfit.
Following conversations with friends I became aware that many people did not have an understanding of the base elements of styling, such as colouring, body shape etc. when planning a shopping expedition. It also became obvious how costly incorrect purchasing can be.
It was then that I thought how productive consultations with a Personal Stylist could be. I also thought that it was important to feel comfortable with your consultant and to know that the advice you were being given was on good authority and not simply an opinion. That is when I decided that professional training was necessary.
There are many authorities in the image industry. However, Colour Me Beautiful which was established in 1983, offered the most up-to-date and comprehensive training programmes. It is with them that I trained to become a personal stylist. Today they are still the leading international authority on personal styling.